Terms of benefit regulations :

For ticketing (selling individual tickets):

> The settlement of the full payment must be made when booking.

For privatization:

> A minimum deposit of 30% of the total tax is payable at the time of booking, with a minimum of € 200.
> The remaining balance must be paid before or at the latest when boarding.

Terms of cancelation :

By the customer (ticket):

> Each ticket booking is final and can not be set aside or varied.

By the customer (privatization) :

> Cancellation is only possible for privatized services, and only if you have taken out cancellation insurance (offered at 10% of VAT, with a minimum of 100 €).
Cancellation is to be done at least 72 hours before the release.
Please note the cancellation policy of restoration benefits depend on catering provider.

From Kapalouest :

> In the event of cancellation by us, the release was postponed to a later date or in case of postponement of impossibility, a solution is proposed in agreement with the client (possible reimbursement).

Terms of cancelation :

> It is possible that the schedules or times of our services are amended unexpectedly. It is also possible that output be held on another boat that Kapalouest catamaran.

> All passengers and corporate clients, partners and event organizers aboard Kapalouest or aboard a boat provided by the company Kapalouest engage in any case, to comply with such regulations as well as instructions the crew.

> In no case can not Kapalouest liability during any damage, loss or theft of items belonging to passengers, especially due to the natural movement of the boat as well as the sea state or another.

> The decorations, furniture, advertising stickers and other changes resulting installation costs, removal or cleaning for restoring the original condition of the ship are the customer; and all additional costs related to changes in the boat.

> At a privatization platform, the customer agrees to return the boat in the state where it has been provided. All costs incurred by possible damage are the customer. The customer or the client company must also assume all responsibilities related to the organization of the event (return to City Hall for scattering of ashes, safety, noise pollution etc.)

> People with reduced mobility are welcome on board, but we have no standardized access. We can not take charge of electric wheelchair. Thank you to inform us in your reservation.

> Pregnant women and babies are welcome on board except against medical notice. Children are the sole responsibility of their parents.

> Kapalouest reserves the right to change its rates.